WorldPad 5.0

Shows text in complex scripts with the help of Graphite
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SIL International
Provides a basic text editor that can display text in scripts with the use of Graphite. Graphite is a programmable rendering engine. Multilingual text processing is included also paragraph orientation along with named styles. It works with text in simple "Roman" scripts.

WorldPad is a basic text editor whose main distinction is the ability to display text in complex scripts using Graphite, a programmable rendering engine particularly suited to complex minority scripts. WorldPad can also be used to work with text in a simple "Roman" scripts.
Some of WorldPad's text-editing features include multilingual text processing, named styles, right-to-left paragraph orientation, and mixed direction text flow handling. The installation program here includes the WorldPad program, the Graphite engine and font compiler, and a few sample Graphite fonts.

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